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  • French Tech Club: NYC’s Policies in the digital field

    The fourth Edition of the New York French Tech Club took place on March 26th at the Consulate with Minerva Tantoco, NYC’s CTO, and Ed Zimmerman, Founder & Chair of Lowenstein Sandler.

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  • Digital Breakfast #5

    On December 12th, in partnership with French Founders, the Consulate General organized its fifth Digital Breakfast, bringing together professionals from French Tech New York. As part of the event, Mr. Sylvain Zimmer and Mr. Philippe Berdugo presented their start-ups, Pricing Assistant and Wellbots.

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  • Harlem Academy Dinner

    On November 17, 2014, for its fifth edition and its fourth consecutive year, our now-traditional gala dinner benefitting the Harlem Academy drew a wide, warm audience. Tim Speiss led an auction featuring mostly wines and champagnes.

    In his opening remarks, Mr. Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France, hailed the relationship that unites the African-American community and France, evoking an important but little-known episode of our shared history, the “Harlem Hell Fighters”, who fought alongside France during World War I. He made it a point to renew the Consulate’s support for the Harlem Academy.

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  • Digital Breakfast #4

    On Friday, November 21, The Consulate General organized a Digital Breakfast on the occasion of Cap Digital’s « Digital Roadshow ». This event brought together professionals from the French Tech NY group, and representatives from French companies planning to settle in New York.

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  • The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

    Under negotiation for over a year, the Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade agreement project between the European Union and the United States. If successful, this project will establish the largest free-exchange zone in History and will have significant impact on the daily life of European and American citizens.

    This second Conference@934 of the 2014-2015 season will allow each of us to understand the challenges and driving forces underlying such a treaty.

    Over the course of five years as European Trade Commissioner and eight years spent at the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy was a privileged witness of the trade and economic changes experienced in the European Union and the rest of the world. In conversation with Bill Saporito, a business journalist for TIME magazine, Pascal Lamy will give us his insights on the upcoming agreement as well as the challenges that globalization represents for France, Europe and the United States.

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  • Conferences@934 : The Future of Media in the Digital Age

    After thirteen years spent leading Le Monde into new directions, alongside Alain Minc and Edwy Plenel, Jean-Marie Colombani left the newspaper in 2007. He then decided to turn the page and focus on internet-based journalism. As someone who left the Old World for the new one, he talked about how he experienced this transition. With high confidence in the future, particularly the future of web-journalism, he will explain how this profession was transformed in the digital era, an age of interactivity and immediacy. With Eric Alterman, a specialist of American media, he will explore the new relationships that new technologies have established between the press and its readers, but will also discuss the more traditional issue of the ties between journalists and power.

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  • Digital Breakfast #3

    On October 22, in partnership with French Founders, the Consulate General organized its third Digital Breakfast, bringing together professionals from French Tech New York. As part of the event, Mr. Benjamin Bernet and Mr. Emmanuel Duran-Campana presented their start-ups, DooBop and Tunsy.

    DooBop is an online sales platform offering make-up suitable for dark skin. Its ambition is to propose a personalized service, via an app, so that each client can find the product that best matches their skin tone.

    Tunsy is a ready-to-wear sales app, whose originality is to tailor products based on the client’s pre-registered tastes. On the model of a famous online dating website, users will be able to browse products while shopping.

    Each presentation was followed by an exchange during which each speaker had the opportunity to give more information about his company, his economic model, and his fundraising progress. Around Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France in New York, these French entrepreneurs and investors were able to share their experience in the United States, their challenges as well as their successes.

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  • Third meeting of the French Tech

    The third meeting of the French Tech will take place on December 15th and will welcome Alicia Glenn, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development of New York.

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  • Stand Up 4 Passion #4 - Presentation by Tejpaul Bhatia

    Stand Up 4 Passion #4 - Presentation by Tejpaul Bhatia

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  • Lunch with the French Tech and Minister Laurent Fabius

    On Monday, September 22, Mr. Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, met with French entrepreneurs from the digital sector at the Consulate General of France.

    On this occasion, the Minister reaffirmed his support to “French Tech” French Tech companies and entrepreneurs in New York, highlighting the French government’s core commitment to economic diplomacy.

    Five entrepreneurs presented their company and career path to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development.
    - Luc Hardy runs the Sagax Development Corp, an investment and consulting company based in Paris and New York, which caters to innovative start-ups and promotes transatlantic projects.
    - After working for Google – and its “creative lab” - for several years, Thomas Gayno has become an entrepreneur to develop the Cord Project application, whose ambition is to put voice back in the center of new communication technologies.
    - Anne-Sophie Kergavarat is the founder and CEO of Paws En Vogue, a website offering 100% organic pet accessories, clothing and toys, made in the United States and Canada.
    - A serial entrepreneur, Mathieu Nouzaret is the founder and CEO of Fresh Planet, a video game production company based in New York, which developed and published the successful application SongPop.
    - Emmanuel Schalit runs Dashlane, a French-American company specializing in password and digital portfolio management. This booming company is run by a team based in both Paris and New York.

    Given the growing importance of the digital economy in New York, the Consulate, with the help of entrepreneurs and institutional representatives from this sector, founded the French Digital Club in New York in the Spring of 2014. The Club’s goal is to strengthen the ties between French professionals working in the digital sector by helping newly-arrived expats to build a network, but also to promote exchanges between French and American start-ups and investors.

    The French Tech Club meetings follow two models : large-scale quarterly events at the Consulate centered around a specific guest or theme, and, in collaboration with French Founders, smaller-scale monthly breakfasts bringing together start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

    See pictures of the luncheon on Flickr.

    For more information on the French Tech Club please contact us at this address.

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