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The fee for all Short Stay Visas (less than 90 days), including Airport Transit Visas is 60 euros (€).

This fee will vary however in U.S. Dollars ($) according to the current rates of exchange (might be adjusted on the 1st and 16th day of each month)

Attention: Whether or not a visa is issued, the visa processing fee is not refundable.


Visa fees may be paid in american dollars only. cash, VISA or MasterCard are accepted.

1 U.S.Dollar ($) = 0.90 euro

Visa types $
Airport Transit Visa 60.00 67.00
Short Stay Schengen Visa* / Overseas Department Visa 1-90 days ’Circulation’ 1-5 years 60.00 67.00
Overseas Territory Visa 1-90 days 9.00 10.00
All Long Stay Visas* stays over 90 days 99.00 110.00

* Monaco included


Short Stay(1-90 days) Long Stay (+90 days)
English or French French or English


OFII Form translation

Financial guarantee for a short stay visa

Financial guarantee for a student visa

Travel medical insurance

Parental consent in favor of a minor

Guarantee of responsibility in favor of a minor

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