Conferences@934: Season 2010 - 2011

JPEG September, 29th 2010:
International Criminal Justice
Speakers: Mr. Bruno Cathala, and Mr. Daniel Schimmel.

JPEG October, 12th 2010:
Nuclear Energy & The Environment
Speakers: Mr. Jacques Besnainou, Chief Executive Officer, Areva Inc. and Ms. Susan Eisenhower, President, Eisenhower Group, inc. and Chairman Emeritus of the Eisenhower Institute.

JPEG December, 6th 2010:
What future for the euro ?
Speakers: Pierre-André Chiappori, Professor of Economics, Columbia University and Tanos Santos, Professor of Finance and Finance Economics, Columbia University Business School

JPEG January, 19th 2011:
Restoring Trust in the Global Economy : What Role for the G20 ?
Speakers: Stewart Patrick of the Council on Foreign Relations and Uri Dadush of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

JPEG February, 1st 2011:
The Education of Leaders: The Fight Against Inequality
Speakers: Richard Descoings, Director of Sciences Po Paris and Michele Moody-Adams, Dean of Columbia College.

JPEG March, 22nd 2011:
3D technologies and the Giza Pyramids
Speakers: Al Bunshaft, Managing Director, Dassault Systemes North America; and Peter Der Manuelian, Professor of Egyptology,Harvard University and the Giza Archives Project Director at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

JPEG May, 3rd 2011:
Living and Working in Space
Speakers: Jean-François Clervoy, Astronaut.

JPEG May, 17th 2011:
Can we Predict Crisis ?
Speakers: Evariste Lefeuvre, Chief Economist for Natixis North America, and Bashar Azzouz, Founder and Managing Director of New York based 2 Rivers Consulting.

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