Short stay visa for spouses of a EU Citizen

6- Short stay visa for spouses of a EU Citizen

Up to 90 days

You may obtain a tourist visa, free of charge, only if you bring the following documents:


- 1 application form and 2 passport photographs
The form must be completely and legibly filled in with black or blue ink, signed and dated by the applicant. The photo must be recent, passport size - 2" x 2" (4,5cm x 4,5cm) and showing the full face, the forehead hairline and ears on a white background ; pictures must be without glasses, no scarf, nor hat, no smile.

- Passport or travel document (+ 1 copy of identity and validity pages) valid for at least three months following the last day of your stay in France. It must have been issued less than 10 years ago (first issuance). Make sure the passport has at least two blank pages left for visa purpose. Only these pages can be endorsed with the visa. Amendment pages can in no way be used for visas. A long stay visa cannot be issued in a "Refugee Travel Document" or a "Re-entry Permit".

- For non-US citizens: A U.S.A. residency card (Green Card) or I-551 stamp, or a valid U.S.A. visa with I-94 and IAP66 or I-20 were applicable or an Advanced Parole, which must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the last day in France (+ 1 copy).

The following documents must be presented in original and one set of copies per applicant

- marriage certificate (+ 1 copy).
- proof of your spouse’s nationality (+ 1 copy).
- travel itinerary (+ 1 copy).

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