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Protection and Assistance to French Citizens in difficulty;

Social Services of the Consulate General of France
934 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel 212 606-3602


The consular ’laissez-passer’ is a travel document issued only in special circumstances in the following situations:

- a French national—whether or not resident, registered or a visitor—who has lost or had stolen his passport and needs to return to France urgently without waiting for approval from the Préfecture who issued the lost passport;
- draft evaders and deserters of French nationality who wish to surrender and are planning to report to the appropriate authority.

Validity of ’Laissez-Passer’

This document is valid only for returning to France.

In all cases, proof of identity, civil status and French nationality are required along with two passport-size photos.
In the case of a stolen passport, a police report is also required.


Whatever the charge, you have the right, whether you are a resident of the US or a visitor, to communicate with your Consulate or Embassy; we contact the local authorities to attest that you are under consular protection and to inquire about the reason for arrest. In such cases, collect calls are accepted by the Consulate.

The Consulate will request the necessary authorizations for its officials or their aides to visit you. It will check on the conditions of detention and compliance with local laws.

For legal assistance, the Consulate maintains a list of lawyers for your defense; legal fees will be your responsibility.


The Consul and his staff will assist you in completing any documents you may have to fill in for the French authorities, and any local procedures regarding your stay. They can issue:

- an attestation of consular registration,
- an attestation of residence,
- a certificate of succession.

They will also legalize signatures.

What the Consulate cannot do

- repatriate you at State expense except in especially serious cases and providing subsequent reimbursement is guaranteed,
- pay your hotel bill
- advance money (except in special cases when a tangible guarantee has been provided beforehand)
- intervene in strictly personal matters
- intervene in court proceedings to obtain your release if you are involved in a court case.


Once a year the ’Caisses de retraite françaises’ (French pension providers) are required to verify that a person receiving a French pension is still alive and ask that you fill out a Certificate of Existence and Residence and send it to them.

This form is to be completed by the Social Services office of the Consulate General. You must appear in person at 10 East 74th Street between 9 am and 1 pm with an ID document that has your photo (French National ID card, passport, consular registration card or drivers license).

If you are unable to appear in person, this form may be filled out and signed by a notary public. It must then be sent to the Consulate for authentication and then returned to you.

Consulat Général de France
Service Social

934 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10021

If you wish the Consulate to send the completed form directly to the Caisse de Retraite, simply enclose a stamped envelope, with postage of 84 cents, addressed to the appropriate Caisse de Retraite française.



‘Entraide Francaise’ is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to assist French citizens in difficulty in the New York area:

- persons living alone or isolated (the elderly, the sick, prisoners),
- persons experiencing temporary material or other difficulties (paying bills for basic needs—electricity, gas, heat, food, medication, rent, school supplies, etc.),
- French citizens visiting New York who find themselves without money after a theft or assault, accident or sudden illness.

‘Entraide Française’ is the only organization recognized as a ‘charitable organization’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the New York area. It draws on the professional competencies and personal skills of its members (doctors, lawyers, bankers, counselors, etc.), in order to help resolve quickly situations that are as sensitive as they are varied.

‘Entraide Française’ depends on the generosity of each person. Your donations are very important, and no sum is too small. A donation of $20 can make a great difference.

To help, please send your check to :

Entraide Française
P.O. Box 231026
New York, NY 10023

Your donations are tax deductible. ‘Entraide Française’ is allowed to accept bequests. If you would like to help in another way, write to us at the above address or send an email to:

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