You do not find the answer to your question

On average, nearly all the inquiries we receive are answered by the information available on our website

However, if you were unable to find the relevant answer, we will gladly assist you by accepting your calls on: 1 212 606 36 54, from Monday to Friday, except public holidays, between 4 and 5 pm only.

Visa appointments must be obtained on-line ONLY - therefore NEVER call regarding an appointment. You should go on the website of this Consulate and log on to "On line appointments" : There, you will be able to choose the day and the time most suitable for you. No appointment can be given over the telephone, by fax or by e-mail.

At peak times, you may experience difficulties in obtaining a suitable appointment. The only availability may be on a later date than desired. However, since cancellations occur, new slots become available. Therefore, you are advised to log on frequently in order to check for a more appropriate appointment.

If you were unable to print your appointment confirmation, on the day of the appointment, you should explain it to the Security Guard at the entrance of the Consulate. On production of your passport, he will then be able to verify that your name appears on his list of applicants for that particular day.

Dernière modification : 06/06/2011

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